10 Ways to save money on your wedding.

Weddings are an expensive business!! But you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a truly special day! Here are my Top 10 tips on  saving money on your big day!!

1.Make your own invitations – If you aren’t the crafty type then this suggestion is likely to fill you with panic, but hear me out! You can access some really stylish, free printables online so all you need to do is buy some good quality card and an ink cartridge for your computer printer and voila!  No sticking or glueing necessary!

2. Consider alternative table centre pieces – Flower arrangements can work out costly for a wedding and even if you are confident enough to do your own floral arrangements you’re probably not going to have time to visit a flower market and arrange multiple floral arrangements on your wedding day!  Pinterest is full of alternative centre piece ideas that can be bought in advance to your budget and left for staff at your venue to put out on the morning of your wedding!

3. Miss out the bits no-one notices –  Every wedding magazine worth its salt will provide you with a checklist of everything you “need” for your wedding.  However how many of these wedding “essentials” do guests really notice?!  I’ve been to weddings where they haven’t bothered with favours and no one even notices! I can’t say I ever think about looking for a wedding cake either!  It’s not like you discuss before hand, “oh I wonder what kind of wedding cake the bride and groom have chosen?”  Don’t get me wrong, you get some beautiful cakes that are nothing short of a work of art!! But if it wasn’t there would anyone notice?!

4.  Decorate your venue with home decor – There are loads of companies now that will dress your venue beautifully for your wedding day for a fee.  They will transform your venue for you using stylish decor but once the day has passed its all gone and you’ve nothing to show for your hard earned money.  Why not get clever and buy decoration for your venue that you can go on to use within your home or give to members of the bridal party as a gift to remember your wedding day.  Things like lanterns, candle holders, pretty vases & picture frames double up perfectly as venue decoration!

5. Make your own bouquets – As I mentioned above, floral arrangements can be costly as you are paying a professional for their skill as well as fresh flowers which have to delivered to a supplier etc.  One way of saying money is to make your own artificial floral bouquet.  You can buy some extremely realistic flowers and foliage and there are an array of youtube tutorials on constructing a bouquet! (I have one going up shortly actually!) The advantage being that it costs a fraction of the price and you know exactly what your bouquet will look like on the day! As well as being much cheaper & of course you are then able to keep your bouquet for prosperity!

6. Ask about package prices – Most wedding suppliers will have set packages you can choose from, often named bronze, gold & platinum or something along those lines! Which sounds better than cheap, expensive & better sell a kidney! But don’t be afraid to ask if the packages are set in stone or can be tailored to your needs.  The photographer we really wanted was outwith our budget so after discussing our budget with her she was happy to provide other options to meet our needs.  I wasn’t bothered about having photos of us getting ready and we didn’t feel like we needed an engagement photo shoot which was included in the cheapest package so she allowed us to create a lesser package at a lower cost!

7. Shop high street – This might seem obvious but generally brides will choose their own dress before their bridesmaids’ dresses and its very easy to get caught up in the moment when you are in the bridal shop and end up ordering bridesmaids’ dresses there too! when you’ve just chosen a £1000 wedding dress, £300 seems reasonable for a bridesmaids dress but loads of high street stores now stock specific bridal ranges where you can pick up bridesmaids dresses for under £100!

8. Use a vegetarian meal as a second choice – most hotels charge extra for offering your guests a choice between two meals.  However they will provide a vegetarian option free of charge.  Offer your guests the choice of your chosen menu (with meat if you’re a meat eater) and the vegetarian meal as a second choice, incase the menu you have chosen isn’t to their taste.  Make sure the vegetarian menu is something your ACTUAL vegetarian guests will like since they won’t get another choice unfortunately! Unless they have an unusual allergy of course! 😉

9. Use a friend’s car for transport – If you have a friend with a particularly nice car why not ask if they will drive you to your wedding in it?  most people would consider this a great honour and be delighted you asked!

10. Utilise friend’s talents –  If you have a friend who is a photographer/hairdresser/musician why not ask if they would be part of your big day?  It could be their wedding gift to you and you would get to enjoy your day with someone really meaningful to you! 

These are a few ideas to help keep costs down on your wedding day but I’d love to hear any ideas you might have to share!! 

I have a series of wedding videos going up on my youtube channel very soon too so if you aren’t subscribed make sure you head on over and click the red subscribe button so you dont miss out on them!! 

Thanks for reading!!

Amy x



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