Our Wedding Day.

I haven’t shared many photos from our big day yet as I’ve been settling comfortably back into home life since we returned from honeymoon in New York! Which was a fantastic trip but boy am I glad to get back to normality!  I share my life with followers of Amy being Mum on happy days… Continue reading Our Wedding Day.

Wedding Decor – Part One

My favourite part (& probably the bit ive been most confident doing) is the wedding decor! All the little bits and pieces that make the day personal to us!  We looked into companies that do venue dressing, we looked at making everything ourselves . . In the end we went for a combination! If i… Continue reading Wedding Decor – Part One

10 Ways to save money on your wedding.

Weddings are an expensive business!! But you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a truly special day! Here are my Top 10 tips on  saving money on your big day!! 1.Make your own invitations – If you aren’t the crafty type then this suggestion is likely to fill you with panic, but hear me… Continue reading 10 Ways to save money on your wedding.